About Us

Pratiyogi.com is an educational and professional portal, developed by Prakhar technologies Pvt. Ltd., to cater for the needs of the aspiring, students, people, organizations and institutions in their respective fields, through our keen insight into the modern age technological global needs.

Our educational services provide quality educational material, self-evaluation capacity, performance analysis tools, and information of educational resources at all levels – School and higher education of all streams irrespective of distance, both in India and abroad. At pratiyogi.com , we harness the educational potential of the eminent scholars and experts of all specialized fields in the interest of the learner, so that one might acquire the knowledge and understanding of the subject concerned and become able to generate skills of applications in the global market level practically, as these are undergoing a cutthroat competition.

We aim at a U-turn from the established notion of “one time education for a few privileged to the life time education for the masses”.

At pratiyogi.com we are very much concerned with career and the employability and for which our professional services are strong enough to build up the professional skills and personality of the preferred level of today’s business world.

pratiyogi.com is conscious of the novices’ career in the cutthroat competitive market of the contemporary globe. This tendency compelled us to provide the new generation with a solid ground of ‘what is really needed today’ by the employer and the industry. Each and every solution including fair advice through our specialists, as per the condition and circumstance of the visitor, is also our target for the bewildered students. We endeavor to ‘just let the intelligent know how he can use his intelligence’.

Through our services our vision is to shape tomorrow’s educated, rationally multidimensional and equally skilled professional personnel.