AFMC 1999 Physics

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Question:A body is vibrating in simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 0.06 m and frequency of 15 Hz. The maximum velocity and acceleration of the body is :

Answers Choices:

9.80 m/s and 9.03 x 10\(^2\) m/s\(^2\)

8.90 m/s and 8.21 x 10\(^2\) m/s\(^2\)

6.82 m/s and 7.62 x 10\(^2\) m/s\(^2\)

5.65 m/s and 5.32 x 10\(^2\) m/s\(^2\)

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Question:Kinetic energy of an electron accelerated in a potential difference of 100 V is :

Answers Choices:

1.6 x 10\(^{ - 34}\)J

1.6 x 10\(^{ - 29}\)J

1.6 x 10\(^{ - 21}\)J

1.6 x 10\(^{ - 17}\)J

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Question:If the equation of motion of standing wave is y = 0.3sin(314t - 1.57x). Then the velocity of standing wave is :

Answers Choices:

400 unit

250 unit

200 unit

150 unit

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Question:On producing the waves of frequency 1000 Hz in a Kundt's tube, the total distance between 6 successive nodes is 85 cm. Speed of sound in the gas filled in the tube is :

Answers Choices:

300 m/s

350 m/s

340 m/s

330 m/s

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Question:A particle executes simple harmonic motion of amplitude A. At what distance from the mean position its kinetic energy is equal to its potential energy ?

Answers Choices:

0.81 A

0.71 A

0.61 A

0.51 A

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Question:Diamagnetic substances are :

Answers Choices:

strongly repelled by magnets

feebly repelled by magnets

feebly attracted by magnets

strongly attracted by magnets

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Question:The study of the effects associated with electric field at rest is known as :

Answers Choices:




none of these

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Question:For driving current of 2A for 6 min in a I circuit, 1000J of work is to be done. The emf of the source in the circuit is :

Answers Choices:

1.38 V

1.68 V

2.03 V

3.10 V

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Question:A current carrying wire in the neighbourhood I produces :

Answers Choices:

electric and magnetic fields

magnetic field only

no field

electric field

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Question:A resonance air column of length 20 cm resonates with a tuning fork of frequency 250 Hz. The speed of the air is :

Answers Choices:

75 m/s

150 m/s

200 m/s

300 m/s

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Question:An iron rod of length 2m and cross-sectional area of 50 mm2 is stretched by 0.5 mm, when a mass of 250 kg is hung from its lower end. Young's modulus of iron rod is :

Answers Choices:

19.6 x 10\(^{20}\) N/m\(^2\)

19.6 x 10\(^{18}\) N/m\(^2\)

19.6 x 10\(^{10}\) N/m\(^2\)

19.6 x 10\(^{15}\) N/m\(^2\)

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Question:Two parallel wires in free space are 10 cm apart and each carries a current of 10 A in the same direction. The force exerted by one wire on other per metre of length of the wire is:

Answers Choices:

2 x 10\(^{ - 6}\)N

2 x 10\(^{ - 4}\)N

2 x 10\(^{ - 3}\)N

2 x 10\(^{ - 2}\)N

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Question:A wire has resistance of 3.1 Q at 30\(^\circ \)C and resistance 4.5 Q at 100\(^\circ \)C. The temperature coefficient of resistance of the wire is:

Answers Choices:

0.0012\(^\circ \) C\(^{ - 1}\)

0.0024\(^\circ \) C\(^{ - 1}\)

0.0032\(^\circ \) C\(^{ - 1}\)

0.0064\(^\circ \) C\(^{ - 1}\)

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Question:If the current through 3\(\Omega \) resistor is 0.8 A, then potential drop through 4\(\Omega \) resistor is :

Answers Choices:

1.2 V

2.6 V

4.8 V

9.6 V

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Question:The direction of the null points is on the equatorial line of a bar magnet, when the north pole of the magnet is pointing to :

Answers Choices:





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Question:Two batteries of emf 4V and 8V having the internal resistance of 1\(\Omega \) and 2\(\Omega \) respectively are connected in circuit with a resistance of 9fi as shown in a figure. The current and potential difference between the points P and Q are :

Answers Choices:

\(\frac{1}{{12}}\)A and 12V

\(\frac{1}{9}\) A and 9V

\(\frac{1}{6}\) A and 4V

\(\frac{1}{3}\) A and 3V

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Question:The dimensions of gravitational constant G are :

Answers Choices:

\(\left[ {{\rm{M}}{{\rm{L}}^{{\rm{ -3}}}}{{\rm{T}}^{{\rm{ - 2}}}}} \right]\)

\(\left[ {{{\rm{M}}^{{\rm{ - 1}}}}{{\rm{L}}^{\rm{2}}}{{\rm{T}}^{{\rm{ - 2}}}}} \right]\)

\(\left[ {{\rm{M}}{{\rm{L}}^{{\rm{ - 2}}}}{{\rm{T}}^{\rm{2}}}} \right]\)

\([{M^{ - 1}}{L^3}{T^{ - 2}}]\)

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Question:A 30 g bullet initially travelling at 120 m/s penetrates 12 cm into wooden block. The average resistance exerted by the wooden block is:

Answers Choices:

1800 N

2000 N

2200 N

2850 N

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Question:A bar magnet of magnetic moment 200 A-m\(^2\) is suspended in a magnetic field of intensity 0.25 N/Am the couple required to deflect it through 30\(^0\) is :

Answers Choices:

15 N-m

20 N-m

25 N-m

50 N-m

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Question:Two magnets each of magnetic moment M are placed so as to form a cross at right angles to each other. The magnetic moment of the system will be :

Answers Choices:



\(\sqrt 2 \)M


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Question:Plate current will be maximum when :

Answers Choices:

both the grid and anode are negative

both the grid and anode are positive

grid is positive and anode is negative

grid is negative and anode is positive

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Question:Sodium has body centered packing. Distance between two nearest atoms is 3.7\(\mathop A\limits^{\,\,\,0} \) . The lattice parameter is :

Answers Choices:

4.9\(\mathop A\limits^{\,\,\,0} \)

4.3\(\mathop A\limits^{\,\,\,0} \)

3.8\(\mathop A\limits^{\,\,\,0} \)

3.4 \(\mathop A\limits^{\,\,\,0} \)

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Question:A long hollow copper pipe carries a current, then magnetic field produced is :

Answers Choices:

both inside and outside the pipe

neither inside nor outside the pipe

outside the pipe only

inside the pipe only

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Question:Which of the following are not the transverse waves ?

Answers Choices:

Sound waves

Visible light waves



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Question:The displacement x of a particle moving along a straight line at time t is given by \(x = {a_0} + {a_1}t + {a_2}{t^2}\). The acceleration of the particle is:

Answers Choices:





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Question:A bomb is dropped from an aeroplane moving horizontally at constant speed. If air resistance is taken into consideration, then the bomb :

Answers Choices:

falls on earth exactly below the aeroplane

falls on the earth exactly behind the aeroplane

falls on the earths ahead of the aeroplane

flies with the aeroplane

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Question:In a p-type semiconductor germanium is doped with :

Answers Choices:




all of these

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Question:In a triode valve, the current in the plate circuit is controlled by :

Answers Choices:





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Question:When a bus suddenly takes a turn, the passengers are thrown outwards because of:

Answers Choices:

speed of motion

inertia of motion

acceleration of motion

none of the above

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Question:The logic behind NOR gate is that which gives

Answers Choices:

high output when both inputs are high

low output when both inputs are low

high output when both inputs are low

none of the above

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Question:Which of the following statements is not correct ?

Answers Choices:

Infra-red photons have more energy than photons of visible light

Infra-red rays are invisible but can cast shadows like visible light

Photographic plates are sensitive to ultraviolet rays

Photographic plates are sensitive to infrared rays

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Question:In which sequence the radioactive radiations are emitted in the following nuclear reaction ? \(_Z{X^A}{ \to _{Z + 1}}{Y^A}{ \to _{Z - 1}}{K^{A - 4}}{ \to _{Z - 1}}{K^{A - 4}}\)

Answers Choices:

\(\gamma ,\alpha \) and \(\beta \)

\(\alpha \), \(\beta \) and \(\gamma \)

\(\beta \), \(\alpha \) and \(\gamma \)

\(\beta \), \(\gamma \) and \(\alpha \)

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Question:If red light and violet light rays are of focal lengths \({f_R}\) and \({f_v}\), then which one of the following is true ?

Answers Choices:

\({\lambda _R} \le {\lambda _v}\)

\({\mu _R} > {\mu _v}\)

\({\lambda _R} = {\lambda _v}\)

\({\mu _R} < {\mu _v}\)

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Question:The large scale destruction, that would be caused due to the use of nuclear weapons is known as :

Answers Choices:

neutron reproduction factor

nuclear holocaust

thermonuclear reaction

none of the above

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Question:If in Ramsden's eyepiece, the field lenses have focal lengths \({f_1}\) and \({f_2}\) respectively and separated by a distance d then :

Answers Choices:

\({f_1}\) = \(3{f_2}\) and d = \({f_1}\) + \({f_2}\)

\({f_1}\) = \({f_2}\) and d= \(\frac{2}{3}{f_1}\)

\({f_1}\) = \(\frac{2}{3}\) and d = \(\frac{2}{3}{f_1}\)

\({f_1}\) = \({f_2}\) and d = \({f_1}\) + \({f_2}\)

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Question:Huygen's wave theory of light could not explain :

Answers Choices:

photoelectric effect




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Question:The rain drops are spherical in shape due to :

Answers Choices:

residual pressure

thrust on drop

surface tension


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Question:The work done in pulling up a block of wood weighing 2 kN for a length of 10m on a smooth plane inclined at an angle of 15 \(^0\) with the horizontal is :

Answers Choices:

9.82 k J

8.91 k J

5.17 k J

4.36 k J

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Question:The thermions are :

Answers Choices:





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Question:The internal resistance of cell of emf 2V is 0.1 \(\Omega \). It is connected to a resistance of 3.9ft. The voltage across the cell is:

Answers Choices:


1.95 V

1.68 V

0.52 V

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Question:The earth of mass 6 x 10\(^{{\rm{24}}}\) kg revolves around the sum with an angular velocity of 2 x 10\(^{ - 7}\) rad/s. In a circular orbit of radius 1.5 x 10\(^8\) km, the force exerted by the sun, on the earth is :

Answers Choices:

27 x 10\(^{39}\) N

36 x 10\(^{21}\) N

18 x 10\(^{25}\) N

6 x 10\(^{19}\) N

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Question:A stone is thrown with an initial speed of 4.9 m/s from a bridge in vertically upward direction. It falls down in water after 2 s. The height of the bridge is :

Answers Choices:

24.7 m

19.8 m

9.8 m

4.9 m

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Question:A ball of mass 150g moving with an acceleration 20 m/s\(^2\) is hit by a force, which acts, on it for 0.1 s. The impulsive force is :

Answers Choices:

1.2 Ns

0.3 Ns

0.1 Ns

0.5 Ns

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Question:If the heat of 110 J is added to a gaseous system, whose internal energy is 40 J, then the amount of external work done is:

Answers Choices:

80 J

70 J

115 J

140 J

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Question:The substance in which the magnetic moment of a single atom is not zero, is called as :

Answers Choices:





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Question:The luminous efficiency of a lamp is 4 lumen/W and its luminous intensity is 30 cd. The power of lamp is :

Answers Choices:

60 W

78 W

94 W

136 W

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Question:The work function of aluminium is 4.2 eV. If two photons each of energy 3.5 eV strike an electron of aluminium, then emission of electron :

Answers Choices:

depended upon the density of the surface

data is incomplete

is not possible

is possible

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Question:Two vectors \(\vec A\) and \(\vec B\) are such that A + B = C and \({A^2} + {\rm{ }}{B^2} = {{\rm{C}}^{\rm{2}}}\). If 6 is the angle between \(\vec A\) and \(\vec B\)then the correct statement is :

Answers Choices:

\(\theta = \pi \)

\(\theta = \frac{{2\pi }}{3}\)

\(\theta = 0\)

\(\theta = \frac{\pi }{2}\)

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Question:A rough vertical board has an acceleration a along the horizontal so that a block of mass M pressing against it does not fall. The coefficient of friction between block and the board is :

Answers Choices:

\( > \frac{a}{g}\)

\( < \frac{g}{a}\)

\( = \frac{a}{g}\)

\( > \frac{a}{g}\)

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Question:An aeroplane is moving with a horizontal velocity u at a height h. The velocity of packet dropped from it on the earth's surface will be :

Answers Choices:

\(\sqrt {{u^2} - 2gh} \)


\(\sqrt {2gh} \)

\(\sqrt {{u^2} + 2gh} \)