Alcohol Phenol and Ether Test 5

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Question:1, 2, 3-trihydroxybenzene is also known as

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Question:Butanal is an example of

Answers Choices:

Primary alcohol

Secondary alcohol

Aliphatic aldehyde

Aliphatic ketone

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Question:Cyclohexanol is a

Answers Choices:

Primary alcohol

Secondary alcohol

Tertiary alcohol


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Question:Acetals are

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Hydroxy aldehydes

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Question:In ethers, the C - O - C bond angle is

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Question:According to Lewis concept of acids and bases, ether is

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Question:In the commercial manufacture of ethyl alcohol from starchy substances by fermentation method, which enzymes stepwise complete the fermentation reaction

Answers Choices:

Diastase, maltase and zymase

Maltase, zymase and invertase

Diastase, zymase and lactase

Diastase, invertase and zymase

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Question:Primary alcohols can be obtained from the reaction of the RMgX with

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Question:On heating aqueous solution of benzene diazonium chloride, which is formed

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Question:Grignard reagent reacts with compounds containing which of the following groups

Answers Choices:

\( > C = O\)

\( - C \equiv N\)

\( > C = S\)

All of these

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Question:Oil \( + NaO{H_{(aq)}} \to \)Glycerol + Soap . Above reaction is called

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None of these

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Question:Acetone on treatment with \(C{H_3} - Mg - I\) and on further hydrolysis gives

Answers Choices:

Isopropyl alcohol

Primary alcohol

Acetic acid

2-methyl 2-propanol

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Question:From Williamson's synthesis preparation of which of following is possible

Answers Choices:

Only symmetrical ethers

Only symmetrical ethers

Both types

None of these

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Question:In the reaction \(Ar - OH + Rx \to A,\) A is

Answers Choices:

An aldehyde

An aryl chloride

An ether

A ketone

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Question:Alkenes convert into alcohols by

Answers Choices:

Hydrolysis by dil. \({H_2}S{O_4}\)

Hydration of alkene by alkaline \(KMn{O_4}\)

Hydrolysis by water vapours and conc. \({H_2}S{O_4}\)

Hydration of alkene by aqueous KOH

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Question:Acetic acid and \(C{H_3}OH\) are obtained on large scale by destructive distillation of

Answers Choices:




Crude oil

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Question:Reaction of phenol with dil. \(HN{O_3}\) gives

Answers Choices:

p and m-nitrophenols

o- and p-nitrophenols

Picric acid

o- and m-nitrophenols

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Question:Phenol is less acidic than

Answers Choices:

Acetic acid


Both (1) and (2)

None of these

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Question:Which of the following statements is correct

Answers Choices:

Phenol is less acidic than ethyl alcohol

Phenol is more acidic than ethyl alcohol

Phenol is more acidic than carboxylic acid

Phenol is more acidic than carbonic acid

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Question:Boiling point of alcohol is comparatively higher than that corresponding alkane due to

Answers Choices:

Intermolecular hydrogen bonding

Intramolecular hydrogen bonding

Volatile nature

None of these

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Question:Sodium phenoxide reacts with \(C{O_2}\) at \(400K\) and 4-7 atm pressure to give

Answers Choices:

Sodium salicylate



Benzoic acid

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Question:The reaction of \({C_2}{H_5}OH\) with \({H_2}S{O_4}\) does not give

Answers Choices:


Diethyl ether


Ethyl hydrogen sulphate

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Question:Phenol is treated with bromine water and shaken well. The white precipitate formed during the process is

Answers Choices:


2, 4-dibromophenol

2, 4, 6-tribromophenol

A mixture of o- and p-bromophenols

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Question:Which compound has the highest boiling point

Answers Choices:


Diethyl ether



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Question:When phenol reacts with ammonia in presence of \(ZnC{l_2}\)at 300\(^\circ \)C, it gives

Answers Choices:

Primary amine

Secondary amine

Tertiary amine

Both 1 and 2

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Question:Azo-dyes are prepared from

Answers Choices:



Benzoic acid


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Question:In the sequence of the following reactions \(C{H_3}C{H_2}OH\) \( \to X \to \) \(C{H_3}COOH\) X is

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Question:The boiling point of glycerol is more than propanol because of

Answers Choices:

Hydrogen bonding



All the above

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Question:Read the following statements carefully : (A)A secondary alcohol on oxidation gives a ketone (B)Ethanol reacts with conc. \({H_2}S{O_4}\) at \({180^o}C\) to yield ethylene (C)Methanol reacts with iodine and sodium hydroxide to give a yellow precipitate of iodoform (D)Hydrogen gas is liberated when sodium is added to alcohol. Select the correct statements from the above set:

Answers Choices:

A, B

C, D

A, B, D

A, C, D

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Question:Carbylamine test is done by heating alcoholic KOH with

Answers Choices:

Chloroform and silver powder

Trihalogen methane and primary amine

Alkyl halide and primary amine

Alkyl cyanide and primary amine

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Question:What amount of bromine will be required to convert 2 g of phenol into 2, 4, 6-tribromophenol

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Question:Ethyl alcohol exhibits acidic character on reacting with

Answers Choices:

Acetic acid

Sodium metal

Hydrogen iodide

Acidic potassium dichromate

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Question:The alcohol which does not give a stable compound on dehydration is

Answers Choices:

Ethyl alcohol

Methyl alcohol

n-propyl alcohol

n-butyl alcohol

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Question:When ethyl alcohol \(({C_2}{H_5}OH)\) is mixed with ammonia and passed over heated alumina, the compound formed is

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Question:The process of manufacture of absolute alcohol from rectified spirit is

Answers Choices:

Fractional distillation

Steam distillation

Azeotropic distillation

Vacuum distillation

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Question:When ethyl alcohol reacts with acetic acid, the products formed are

Answers Choices:

Sodium ethoxide + hydrogen

Ethyl acetate + water

Ethyl acetate + soap

Ethyl alcohol + water

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Question:The ring deuteration of phenol

Answers Choices:

Lowers the acidity

Increases the acidity

Imparts no effect

Causes amphoteric nature

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Question:In esterification of an acid, the other reagent is

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Question:Ether is formed when ethyl alcohol is heated with conc. \({H_2}S{O_4}.\) The conditions are

Answers Choices:

Excess of \({H_2}S{O_4}\) and \({170^o}C\)

Excess of \({C_2}{H_5}OH\) and \({140^o}C\)

Excess of \({C_2}{H_5}OH\) and \({180^o}C\)

Excess of conc. \({H_2}S{O_4}\) and \({100^o}C\)

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Question:Addition of alcohols to aldehydes in presence of anhydrous acids yield

Answers Choices:

Carboxylic acids


Cyclic ethers


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Question:Which of the following will not form a yellow precipitate on heating with an alkaline solution of iodine

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Question:Which of the following reagents will produce salicyldehyde on reaction with phenol

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Question:What is formed when glycerol reacts with HI

Answers Choices:

\(\mathop {\mathop C\limits_|^| HI\;\;\;\;\,}\limits_{C{H_2}OH}^{C{H_2}OH} \)

\(\mathop {\mathop C\limits_|^{||} H\;\;}\limits_{C{H_2}I}^{C{H_2}\;} \)

\(\mathop {\mathop C\limits_|^| {H_2}}\limits_{C{H_3}}^{C{H_3}} \)

\(\mathop {\mathop C\limits_|^| = O\;\;}\limits_{C{H_3}\;\;\;\;}^{C{H_2}OH} \)

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Question:The dehydration of 2-methyl butanol with conc. \({H_2}S{O_4}\) gives

Answers Choices:

2-methyl butene as major product


2-methyl but-2-ene as major product

2-methyl pent-2-ene

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Question:Glycerol is used in the manufacture of

Answers Choices:




Soft drinks

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Question:Glycerol as a triester present in

Answers Choices:



Vegetable oil and fat


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Question:In presence of air, fermentation of ethyl alcohol by azotobactor bacteria forms

Answers Choices:

\(C{H_2} = C{H_2}\)




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Question:Liquor poisoning is due to

Answers Choices:

Presence of bad compound in liquor

Presence of methyl alcohol

Presence of ethyl alcohol

Presence of carbonic acid

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Question:In order to make alcohol undrinkable pyridine and methanol are added to it. The resulting alcohol is called

Answers Choices:

Power alcohol

Proof spirit

Denatured spirit

Poison alcohol

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Question:Denatured spirit is mainly used as a

Answers Choices:

Good fuel


Solvent in preparing varnishes

Material in the preparation of oil