Aldehyde and Ketone Test 2

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Question:What is the compound called if remaining two valencies of a carbonyl group are satisfied by two alkyl groups

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Acid chloride

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Question:\(C{H_3} - \mathop {\mathop C\limits_{\mathop |\limits_H } - }\limits^{\mathop {|\,\,\,}\limits^{OH} } CN\) is

Answers Choices:

Acetaldehyde cyanohydrins

Acetone cyanohydrins


Ethanol nitrile

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Question:Ethanedial has which functional group(s)

Answers Choices:

One ketonic

Two aldehydic

One double bond

Two double bond

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Question:Which one of the following compounds is prepared in the laboratory from benzene by a substitution reaction

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Hexabromo cyclohexane

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Question:Ketones \((R - \mathop C\limits_{\mathop {||}\limits_O } - {R_1})\) where \(R = {R_1} = \) alkyl group. It can be obtained in one step by

Answers Choices:

Hydrolysis of esters

Oxidation of primary alcohol

Oxidation of secondary alcohol

Reaction of acid halide with alcohols

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Question:Predict the product "B" in the sequence of reaction \(HC \equiv CH \to A \to B\)

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\(C{H_3} - \mathop {\mathop {CH - }\limits_{|\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,} }\limits_{OH\,\,} C{H_2}CHO\)

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Question:Catalyst \(SnC{l_2}/HCl\) is used in

Answers Choices:

Stephen's reduction

Cannizzaro reaction

Clemmensen's reduction

Rosenmund's reduction

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Question:Methyl ethyl ketone is prepared by the oxidation of

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t-butyl alcohol

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Question:Benzaldehyde can be prepared by oxidation of toluene by

Answers Choices:

Acidic \(KMn{O_4}\)



All of these

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Question:The oxidation of benzyl chloride with lead nitrate gives

Answers Choices:

Benzyl alcohol

Benzoic acid



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Question:$$R - CH = C{H_2} + CO + {H_2}\mathop {\buildrel {{\rm{High Temp}}} \over \longrightarrow }\limits_{{\rm{High Pressure}}} RC{H_2}C{H_2}CHO.$$The above reaction is

Answers Choices:

Mendius reaction

Oxo process

Sandorn's reaction

Stephen's reaction

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Question:Glycerol reacts with potassium bisulphate to produce

Answers Choices:

Allyl iodide

Allyl sulphate


Glycerol trisulphate

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Question:Which of the following organic compounds exhibits positive Fehling test as well as iodoform test

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Question:Which of the following compound will undergo self aldol condensation in the presence of cold dilute alkali

Answers Choices:



\(CH \equiv C - CHO\)

\(C{H_2} = CH - CHO\)

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Question:Acetaldehyde when treated with dilute NaOH gives

Answers Choices:



\(C{H_3} - \mathop {CH}\limits_{\mathop |\limits_{OH} } - C{H_2} - CHO\)

\(C{H_3} - C{H_3}\)

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Question:Dimethyl ketones are usually characterised through

Answers Choices:

Tollen's reagent

Iodoform test

Schiff's test

Benedict's reagent

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Question:The light yellow compound produced when acetone reacts with iodine and alkali, is

Answers Choices:




None of these

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Question:If formaldehyde and KOH are heated, then we get

Answers Choices:



Methyl alcohol

Ethyl formate

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Question:Which of the following reagent reacts differently with \(HCHO,\,C{H_3}CHO\) and \(C{H_3}COC{H_3}\)

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Question:\(C{H_3}CH = CHCHO\) is oxidised to \(C{H_3}CH = CHCOOH\) using

Answers Choices:

Alkaline \(KMn{O_4}\)

Selenium dioxide

Ammoniacal \(AgN{O_3}\)

All of these

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Question:Which of the following does not turn Schiff's reagent to pink

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Question:Fehling's test is positive for

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Question:Acetaldehyde and acetone differ in their reaction with

Answers Choices:

Sodium bisulphate


Phosphorus pentachloride

Phenyl hydrazine

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Question:In which of the following reactions aromatic aldehyde is treated with acid anhydride in presence of corresponding salt of the acid to give unsaturated aromatic acid

Answers Choices:

Friedel-Craft's reaction

Perkin reaction

Wurtz reaction

None of these

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Question:$$2C{H_3} - \mathop C\limits_{\mathop {||}\limits_O } - C{H_3}\mathop {\buildrel {Mg/Hg} \over \longrightarrow }\limits_{{H^ + }} \Pr oduct$$
product in the reaction is

Answers Choices:

\({H_3}C\;\; - \mathop {\mathop {C\; - }\limits_{\mathop {\;|\;\,\;\;\;}\limits_{OH} \;} }\limits^{\mathop {|\;\;\;\;\,\,}\limits^{C{H_3}} } \mathop {\mathop {C - C}\limits_{\mathop {|\,\,\,\;\;\;\;}\limits_{OH\,\,} } {H_3}}\limits^{\mathop {|\,\,\,\;\;\;\;\;}\limits^{C{H_3}} \,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,} \)

\(C{H_3} - \mathop C\limits_{\mathop {||}\limits_O } - O - \mathop C\limits_{\mathop {||}\limits_O } - C{H_3}\)

\(C{H_3} - \mathop {CH}\limits_{\mathop {|\;\;\;}\limits_{OH} } - \mathop {CH}\limits_{\mathop {|\;\;\;}\limits_{OH} } - C{H_3}\)

None of these

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Question:Cinnamic acid is formed when \({C_6}{H_5} - CHO\) condenses with \({(C{H_3}CO)_2}O\) in presence of

Answers Choices:

Conc. \({H_2}S{O_4}\)

Sodium acetate

Sodium metal

Anhydrous \(ZnC{l_2}\)

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Question:A mixture of benzaldehyde and formaldehyde on heating with aqueous \(NaOH\)solution gives

Answers Choices:

Benzyl alcohol and sodium formate

Sodium benzoate and methyl alcohol

Sodium benzoate and sodium formate

Benzyl alcohol and methyl alcohol

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Question:During reaction of benzaldehyde with alkali one of the product is

Answers Choices:


Benzyl alcohol



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Question:Cannizzaro reaction is given by

Answers Choices:





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Question:The reaction \({C_6}{H_5}CHO + C{H_3}CHO \to {C_6}{H_5}CH = CH - CHO\)  is known as

Answers Choices:

Perkin's reaction

Claisen condensation

Benzoin condensation

Cannizzaro's reaction

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Question:When two molecules of acetaldehyde condense in the presence of dilute alkali, it forms

Answers Choices:

Acetal Sodium formate



None of these

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Question:Fehling solution react with HCHO to form precipitate of

Answers Choices:

White colour

Yellow colour

Red colour

Blue colour

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Question:Product in following reaction is \(C{H_3}MgI + HCHO \to \) Product

Answers Choices:




\(C{H_3} - O - C{H_3}\)

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Question:$$A\mathop {\buildrel \Delta \over \longrightarrow }\limits_{{{800}^o}C} C{H_2} = C = O$$
, Reactant ‘A’ in the reaction is

Answers Choices:



\(C{H_3} - \mathop C\limits_{\mathop {||}\limits_O } - C{H_3}\)


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Question:Only an aldehyde having..... can undergo the aldol condensation

Answers Choices:

At least one beta H atom

At least one alpha H atom

An aromatic ring

No alpha H atom

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Question:When acetaldehyde is heated with Tollen's reagent, following is obtained

Answers Choices:

Methyl alcohol

Silver acetate

Silver mirror


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Question:Boiling point of acetone is

Answers Choices:





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Question:Urotropine is

Answers Choices:

Hexamethylene tetramine

Hexaethylene tetramine

Hexamethylene diamine

None of these

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Question:Glucose + Tollen's reagent \( \to \) Silver mirror shows

Answers Choices:

Presence of acidic group

Presence of alkaline group

Presence of ketonic group

Presence of aldehyde group

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Question:Fehling solution is

Answers Choices:

Ammoniacal cuprous chloride solution

Acidified copper sulphate solution

Copper sulphate and sodium hydroxide + Rochelle salt

None of these

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Question:Reduction of an aldehyde produces

Answers Choices:

Primary alcohol

Monocarboxylic acid

Secondary alcohol

Tertiary alcohol

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Question:The compound which reacts with Fehling solution is

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Question:Which one of the following undergoes reaction with 50% sodium hydroxide solution to give the corresponding alcohol and acid

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Benzoic acid

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Question:Which one of the following is reduced with zinc and hydrochloric acid to give the corresponding hydrocarbon

Answers Choices:


Acetic acid

Ethyl acetate


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Question:Fehling solution is

Answers Choices:

\(CuS{O_4}\)+ lime

\(CuS{O_4} + NaOH(aq)\)

\(CuS{O_4} + N{a_2}C{O_3}\)

None of these

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Question:Wolf kishner reduction, reduces

Answers Choices:

\( - COOH\) group

\( - C \equiv C\)– group

\( - CHO\) group

\( - O - \)group

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Question:A compound has a vapour density of 29. On warming an aqueous solution of alkali, it gives a yellow precipitate. The compound is

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Question:Which of the following will form two isomers with semi carbazide

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Question:A compound \(A \to {C_5}{H_{10}}C{l_2}\) on hydrolysis gives \({C_5}{H_{10}}O\) which reacts with \(N{H_2}OH\), forms iodoform but does not give fehling test. \(A\) is

Answers Choices:

\(C{H_3}\mathop {\mathop {\mathop {\mathop { - C - }\limits^| }\limits^{Cl} }\limits_| }\limits_{Cl} C{H_2} - C{H_2} - C{H_3}\)

\(C{H_3}C{H_2}\mathop {\mathop {\mathop {\mathop { - C - }\limits^| }\limits^{Cl} }\limits_| }\limits_{Cl} C{H_2}C{H_3}\)

\(C{H_3}C{H_2}C{H_2}C{H_2}\mathop {\mathop {\mathop {\mathop {CH}\limits^{|\,\,\,\,\,} }\limits^{Cl\,} }\limits_{|\,\,\,\,\,\,} }\limits_{Cl\,\,} \)

\(C{H_3}\mathop {\mathop { - CH}\limits^| }\limits^{Cl} \mathop {\mathop { - CH}\limits^| }\limits^{Cl} - C{H_2} - C{H_3}\)

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Question:\(C{H_3} - CHO + HCN \to A\); Compound \(A\) on hydrolysis gives

Answers Choices:

\(C{H_3} - C{H_2} - COOH\)

\(C{H_3} - C{H_2} - C{H_2} - N{H_2}\)

\(C{H_3} - CO - COOH\)

\(C{H_3}CO - CH = NOH\)