British India Test 8

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Question:Battle of Plassey was fought in the year?

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Question:Who was defeated in the Battle of Plassey?

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French East India Company

Mir Kasim

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Question:Which one is the first marked major military success for British East India Company in India?

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Battle of Plassey

Battle of Buxar

Battle of Wandiwash

Mysore War

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Question:Battle of Wandiwash was fought between:

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East India Company and French.

East India Company and Mir Kasim

French East India Company and Siraj-ud-Doula

None of these

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Question:In the third Carnatic war, the British East India Company defeated:

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French Army

Mir Kasim

Shah Alam II

Hyder Ali

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Question:Who was the head of British East India Company Military in Battle of Buxar?

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Major Hector Munro

Robert Clive

Warren Hastings

Jhon Wicks

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Question: When did the Battle of Buxar fought?

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Question:Who were the participants in Battle of Buxar from Indian side?

Answers Choices:

Mir Qasim (The Nabab of Bengal), Shuja-ud-Daula (The Nabab of Awadh)

Shah Alam and Mir Qasim (The Nabab of Bengal)

Mir Qasim and Siraj-ud-Daula

Mir Quasim, Shah Alam and Siraj-ud-daula

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Question:Deewani Rights to British East India Company to collect land revenues in Bengal, Orrisa and Bihar came into existence after the:

Answers Choices:

Treaty of Bengal

Treaty of Surat

Treaty of Allahabad

Treaty of Mysore

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Question:Treaty of Allahabad was signed between:

Answers Choices:

British East India Company and Mughal King Shah Alam II

British East India Company and Mir Quasim

British East India Company and Hyder Ali

Mir Quasim and Shah Alam

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Question:Which battle was fought between the French and English for gaining supremacy in the Carnatic region?

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Battle of Wandiwash

Battle of Mysore

Battle of Plasey

Battle of Buxar

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Question:Who was commander In Chief of the English army in Bengal in 1765?

Answers Choices:

Robert Clive

Warren Hastings

Major Hector Munro

John Zephaniah Holwell

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Question:Who was the first British Governor General of Bengal?

Answers Choices:

Warren Hastings

Robert Clive

Lord Lytton

Lord Dufferin

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Question:Which one is a wrong statement concerning to the Regulating Act of 1773?

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It prohibited the servants of company from engaging in any private trade or accepting presents or bribes from the natives.

A supreme court was established at Madras

The Act named four additional men to serve with the Governor-General on the Calcutta Council.

Presidencies of Madras and Bombay were brought under control of Bengal.

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Question:Where is the Fort William situated?

Answers Choices:

In Calcutta




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Question:Where did the Nabab of Begal Siraj-ud-Daulha held British prisoners of wars after capture in 1756?

Answers Choices:

The Black Hole of Calcutta.

Gas Chamber of Calcutta

Andman Jail

Black Hole of Madras

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Question:Where is the Black Hole of Calcutta situated?

Answers Choices:

In the Fort William Calcutta

Red Fort of Delhi

In the Fort Clive Calcutta

None of these

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Question:In 1756, Nabab of Begal Siraj-ud-Daulha , attacked the Fort William , temporarily conquered the city, and changed its name. What was the new name?

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Siraj Nagar

Siraj Fort


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Question:One of the prisoners, in the Black Hole of Calcutta claimed that following the fall of the fort, British and Anglo-Indian soldiers and civilians were held overnight in conditions so cramped that many died from suffocation, heat exhaustion and crushing. He claimed that 123 prisoners died out of 146 held. Who was this prisoner?

Answers Choices:

John Zephaniah Holwell

Robert Clive

Major Hector Munro

Lord Mayo

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Question:When did the Nizam, the Marathas and the English make an alliance against Hyder Ali?

Answers Choices:

In the year 1770

In the year 1776

In the year 1779

In the year 1766