English Aptitude Test Sentence Completion Part - 6

Total Questions:20 Total Time: 45 Min



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Question:The industrial workers ___________ a fair ___________ for their work.

Answers Choices:

request, price

sought, salary

demanded, wage

asked, pay

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Question:___________ diseases spread like wild ___________

Answers Choices:

contagious, flames

contagious, fire

fatal, wind

minor, breeze

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Question:We decided to take the shortest ___________ to our ___________

Answers Choices:

route, destination

root, house

route, residence

distance, place

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Question:It is our ___________ to ___________ the elders.

Answers Choices:

object, defy

duty, respect

aim, degrade

hope, disappoint

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Question:He ___________ his fault and was ___________

Answers Choices:

agreed, excused

refused, freed

denied, sentenced

confessed, pardoned

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Question:No sooner did he me ___________ he tried to run away.

Answers Choices:

notice, when

see, than

watch, that

observe, soon

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Question:I ___________ him because of his ___________

Answers Choices:

love, impertinence

hate, rudeness

admire, hypocrisy

detest, generosity

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Question:The security forces fired at the ___________ who was armed to the ___________

Answers Choices:

dacoit, teeth

criminal, toe

thief, head

culprit, nail

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Question:During the ___________ many buildings were___________ to the ground.

Answers Choices:

riots collapsed

disturbances, brought

fire, razed

floods, razed

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Question:Weather ___________, I shall ___________ the office.

Answers Choices:

allowing, reach

permitting, attend

granting, manage

favourable, visit

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Question:But for his ___________ I would not have ___________

Answers Choices:

advice, lost

suggestion, won

assistance, failed

help, succeeded

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Question:Not to ___________ of milk, even ___________ was not there.

Answers Choices:

talk, bread

mention, rice

speak, water

discuss, tea

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Question:If I ___________ a doctor, I would ___________ you free

Answers Choices:

am, see

were, treat

was, examine

be, advise

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Question:You will ___________ in business if you get him out of your ___________

Answers Choices:

prosper, presence

succeed, way

fail, path

lose, sight

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Question:Many tourists to India visit the beautiful ___________ of Kashmir ___________ in spring and summer.

Answers Choices:

scenery, generally

town, frequently

lakes, rarely

valley, especially

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Question:Only ___________ people are ___________ after death.

Answers Choices:

brave, forgotten

vicious, admired

virtual, known

virtuous, remembered

Questions 17 of 20

Question:Prices keep on going ___________ these days, and never move ___________

Answers Choices:

up, downward

up, underneath

high, low

above, below

Questions 18 of 20

Question:He is too ___________ to be deceived easily.

Answers Choices:






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Question:Ravi's behaviour is worthy of ___________ by all the youngsters.

Answers Choices:






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Question:The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on ___________ on one point alone.

Answers Choices: