Growth of Human Population Test 1

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Question:According to the demographic cycle, India is in the phase of

Answers Choices:

Slow population growth

Stationary population of first phase

Mortality decreasing but natality high and stable

Mortality decreasing and natality had started decreasing

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Question:The rate at which new born individuals are joining the population by reproduction is known as

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Question:National economic production is expressed to be

Answers Choices:

Gross national development

National income

National prosperity


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Question:The total national income is divided by the total population of the. country, then it is known as

Answers Choices:

Per capita income

Population income

Per capita production

Per capita gross income

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Question:The significance of the study of population is to know

Answers Choices:

The consequences of uncontrolled population only

The benefits of planned family

The population growth, distribution and density

All of the above

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Question:The animal population becomes too large for its feeding source or its habitat, its members starve die but humans escape this disaster by

Answers Choices:

Immigration only

Emigration only

Transportation of food

Both emigration and transportation of food

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Question:Population surge 230 years ago was due to

Answers Choices:

Industrial revolution

Agricultural revolution

Cultural revolution

Intellectual revolution

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Question:The minimum death rate of a population is called

Answers Choices:

Actual death rate

Mortality potential

Population decline

Received mortality

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Question:The rate of natural increase in human population refers to

Answers Choices:

Birth rate


Natality minus death rate

Birth rate plus death rate

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Question:The population of an insect species shows an explosive increase in numbers during rainy season followed by its disappearance at the end of the season. What does this show

Answers Choices:

S- shaped or sigmoid growth of this insect

The food plants mature and die at the end of the rainy season

Its population growth curve is of J-type

The population of its predators increases enormously

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Question:The natural growth rate of population is checked by certain factors. These are known as

Answers Choices:

Population growth control

Environmental resistance

Natural resistance of healthy population

None of the above

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Question:In India, if the marriage age is changed to 21 years then

Answers Choices:

Population growth rate will be unaffected

Population growth rate will decrease

Population growth rate will increase

None of the above

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Question:The capacity of an environment to pull on a limited number of individuals is known as

Answers Choices:

Bearing capacity

Limited capacity

Environmental resistance

Carrying capacity

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Question:Main factor in increasing the population is

Answers Choices:

More reproductive capacity

Early marriage

Higher natality and lower mortality

Suitable and favourable environment

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Question:The standard of living is very badly affected by

Answers Choices:


Housing problem

Population growth rate

(1) and (2) both

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Question:The primary cause behind rapidly growing population of the world in recent times is

Answers Choices:

Improvement in the standard of living

Decrease in death rate

Increase in birth rate

Heating of earth

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Question:In the population curve of India, nowadays the number of

Answers Choices:

N = M

M > N

M < N

Deaths and births both are more

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Question:Number of death and birth in the last stage of plateau growth curve of a population will be

Answers Choices:

Equal unlike of middle stage

Unequal with more deaths

Unequal with less deaths

Equal like of middle stage

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Question:Main cause of population explosion in the world is

Answers Choices:

Excellent job facilities

Increase in agricultural production

Excellent health care

Fewer battles and wars

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Question:Happiness, health and prosperity of the population of a place depends upon

Answers Choices:


High birth rate

Social status

Availability of work

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Question:Population density means

Answers Choices:

The number of human per unit area

The number of human in a unit area at a specific time

The concentration of human population at a place

None of above

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Question:Capacity of the environment in which a species can get maximum nutrition is called

Answers Choices:

Carrying capacity

Growth capacity

Population density

Death rate

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Question:If the age pyramid of a population is bell shaped, it will show

Answers Choices:

Low percentage of children

High percentage of children

High percentage of olds

None of these

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Question:When there is an exponential growth in a population, then it will be called as

Answers Choices:

Carrying capacity

Log stage

Negative acceleration phase

Positive acceleration phase

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Question:Human population after 17th century A.D. is thought to be in

Answers Choices:

Lag phase

Exponential phase

Stationary phase

None of these

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Question:In a population where competition between individuals is severe, then the distribution is said to be

Answers Choices:





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Question:Information on birth-rate, death-rate, sex-ratio, age distribution of a population can be got from

Answers Choices:

Natality table

Mortality table

Age distribution table

Life table

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Question:The measure of maximum rate of reproduction under optimal conditions is known as

Answers Choices:

Population growth

Biotic potential

Carrying capacity

None of these

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Question:Which of the following factors regulate human life with reference to population density

Answers Choices:

Availability of blood, housing and health facilities


Climatic conditions

All the above

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Question:Environmental resistance includes factor

Answers Choices:

Shortage of food

Diseases and predation

Limited space

All the above

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Question:Highest and lowest population in India is in

Answers Choices:

M.P. and Tripura

UP. and Sikkim

Maharashtra and Nagaland

Andhra Pradesh and Assam

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Question:Ratio of birth and death rates according to 1991 census is

Answers Choices:





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Question:Number of females is more than males in

Answers Choices:





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Question:Population of India in early 21st century may be

Answers Choices:

105 crore

125 crore

95 crore

155 crore

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Question:Explosion of population in India is due to

Answers Choices:


Limited education

Increased natality

All of the above

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Question:The percentage of population of India living in M.P. at present is

Answers Choices:





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Question:Population density of India is

Answers Choices:

215/sq. km

200/sq. km

400/sq. km

None of the above

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Question:According to the population of world, India is placed at

Answers Choices:





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Question:In the population of world, how many persons are added per year

Answers Choices:

4.11 crores

5.5 crores

8 crores

10 crores

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Question:The country having negative population growth rate is

Answers Choices:





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Question:In which one of the following the birth rate is high & death rate is normal

Answers Choices:

India and Morocco

America and Spain



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Question:Certain characteristic demographic features of developing countries are

Answers Choices:

High infant mortality, low fertility uneven population growth and a very young age distribution.

High mortality, high density, uneven population growth and a very old age distribution.

High fertility, low or rapidly falling mortality rate, rapid population growth and a very young age distribution.

High fertility, high density, rapidly rising mortality rate and a very young age distribution.

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Question:Which of the following is the most sparsely populated state of India

Answers Choices:




Arunachal Predesh

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Question:MTP means

Answers Choices:

Many transferable pregnancies

Medically temporary pregnancy

Medical termination of pregnancy

Multiple temporary pregnancy

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Question:Action of jelly and cream is

Answers Choices:

Spermicidal and immobalizing the sperms also

Entangles the sperms

Preventing the ova to be released

Enables the sperms to reach towards ovum speedly

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Question:The success of birth control programmes in controlling population growth is dependent on

Answers Choices:

Use of contraceptives



Acceptability of the above by the people

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Question:Trade name of weekly oral contraceptive pill is

Answers Choices:



Mala A

Mala D

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Question:Daily oral contraceptive pill is

Answers Choices:

Mala C

Mala N and Mala D

Mala A

Mala D

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Question:Test tube babies are produced by

Answers Choices:

Fertilising the egg removed from the body of the female with the husband's sperm outside in vitro culture. The zygote is transferred back

External fertilisation and development in vitro culture till 32 cells stage before putting the embryo back into mother's uterus

Complete development of a baby in vitro

Development upto 32 cells stage and transplanting embryo in the uterus of a surrogate mother

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Question:Which one of the following is tested by the technique of amniocentesis

Answers Choices:

Biochemical abnormalities in the foetus

Errors of metabolism in the foetus

Chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus (Karyotype)

All of the above