Heredity and Variation Test 2

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Question:Mendel is called the father of:

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None of these

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Question:The term gene which was coined by Johannsen was termed by Mendel as:

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Active principle


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Question:Terms 'genotype' and 'phenotype' were introduced by:

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Question:Hybrids are those offsprings which possess:

Answers Choices:

both contrasting alleles though only one is evident

only one contrasting character

characters of either parent

characters which are not separated in next generations

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Question:The offsprings of mating between two different pure strains are called:

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P generation



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Question:The year 1900 AD is highly significant for geneticists due to:

Answers Choices:

discovery of genes

discovery of blood groups

chromosome theory of heredity

rediscovery of Mendelism

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Question:Mendel's work was rediscovered in:

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Question:In 1900 AD three biologists independently discovered Mendel's principles. They are:

Answers Choices:

de Vries, Correns and Tschermak

Bateson, Punnett and Bridges

Avery, MacLeod and McCarthy

Sutton, Morgan and Bridges

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Question:Mendel obtained wrinkled seeds in pea due to deposition of sugars instead of starch. It was due to:

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absence of starch branching enzyme

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Question:Monohybrid cross involves:

Answers Choices:

Individual with parent

Individuals different in one trait

Individuals different in two traits

Individuals with two different parents

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Question:When two alleles are brought together in a hybrid, one of them expresses itself completely at the expense of the second. It is due to Mendel's:

Answers Choices:

Law of segregation

Law of dominance

Law of purity of gametes

Law of independent assortment

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Question:A homozygous red flowered pea plant is 'crossed with homozygous white-flowered pea plant. The offspring would be:

Answers Choices:

50% red flowered

50% pink flowered

all pink flowered

all red floweied

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Question:Percentage of heterozygous individuals obtained from selfing of Rr individuals is:

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Question:A heterozygous round seeded plant is crossed to recessive wrinkled seeded plant. The progeny would be:

Answers Choices:

20 rounded : 99 wrinkled

99 rounded : 301 wrinkled

301 rounded : 100 wrinkled

303 rounded : 301 wrinkled

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Question:If an organism is crossed with homozygous recessive individual, it is:

Answers Choices:

Back cross


Monohybrid cross


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Question:When a heterozygous round seeded plant is crossed with recessive wrinkled seeded plant, the wrinkled phenotypes will appear in the ratio:

Answers Choices:

1 : 2

2 : 1

1 : 1

3 : 1

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Question:To determine heterozygosity or homozygosity a plant must be crossed with:

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Homozygous dominant

Heterozygous dominant

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Question:tt mates with Tt. What will be characteristic of offspring?

Answers Choices:

All dominant

25% recessive

50% recessive

75% recessive

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Question:The allele which is unable to express its effect in the presence of another is called:

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Question:Appearance of a hidden character in some progeny of \({{\rm{F}}_{\rm{2}}}\) proclaims the law of:

Answers Choices:

Purity of gametes

Law of dominance

Law of segregation

Both (1) and (3)

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Question:Mendel's law of independent assortment can be demonstrated by:

Answers Choices:

Test cross

Monohybrid cross

Back cross

Dihybrid cross

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Question:Dihybrid cross is related to:

Answers Choices:

Law of purity of gametes

Law of segregation

Law of dominance

Law of independent assortment

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Question:In the \({F_2}\) generation of a dihybrid cross in pea plants, tall red, tall white, dwarf red and dwarf white are obtained in the ratio:

Answers Choices:

1 : 3 : 9 : 3

1 : 9 : 3 : 3

9 : 3 : 3 : 1

9 : 1 : 1 : 3

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Question:Female AaBb is crossed with male AAbb. The gametes shall be:

Answers Choices:

Female AB, Ab, aB and ab, male Ab

Female Aa, Bb, AB and ab, male Ab

Female AB, ab, Ab and aB, male AA, bb

Female Aa and Bb, male Ab

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Question:From a cross AABb x aaBb, the genotypes AaBB, AaBb, Aabb, aabb will be obtained in the following ratio:

Answers Choices:

1 : 1 : 1 : 1

1 : 2 : 1 : 0

0 : 3 : 1 : 0


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Question:In a dihybrid cross AABB x aabb, \({{\rm{F}}_{\rm{2}}}\)progeny of AABB, AABb, AaBB and AaBb occurs in the ratio of:

Answers Choices:

1 : 1 : 1 : 1

9 : 3 : 3 : 1

1 : 2 : 2 : 4

1 : 2 : 2 : 1

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Question:In a cross between AABB x aabb, the ratio of \({{\rm{F}}_{\rm{2}}}\) genotypes between AABB, AaBB, Aabb and aabb would be:

Answers Choices:

9 : 3 : 3 : 1

1 : 2 : 2 : 1

2 : 1 : 1 : 2

7 : 5 : 3 : 1

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Question:A trihybrid cross is made between two yeasts; both with genotypes AaBbCc. What proportion of the offspring will be of the genotype aabbcc?

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Question:How many different kinds of gametes can be produced by an organism of the genotype AaBBCc?

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Question:How many types of gametes can be produced by an animal of the genotype AabbCC?

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Question:The term 'Phenocopy' was introduced by:

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Question:In shorthorn cattle genes for red (ri) and white (r2) coat colour occur. Crosses between red (rin) and white (r2r2) produces (rlr2) roan. This is an example of:

Answers Choices:

Incomplete dominance



Complementary genes

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Question:A, B, O blood group system is due to:

Answers Choices:


Multiple factor inheritance

Incomplete dominance

Multiple allelism

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Question:Multiple alleles control inheritance of:

Answers Choices:

Blood groups

Sickle-cell anaemia


Colour blindness

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Question:Blood grouping in human beings is controlled by:

Answers Choices:

3 alleles in which none is dominant

4 alleles in which A is dominant

3 alleles in which A and B are codominant and i is recessive

3 alleles in which B is dominant

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Question:A gene which affects the character of another gene, not located on the similar locus of the homologous chromosome is: 

Answers Choices:

Duplicate gene

Complementary gene

Epistatic gene

Supplementary gene

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Question:The ratio 9 : 7 is due to:

Answers Choices:

Lethal genes

Supplementary genes

Complementary genes

Epistatic genes

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Question:Nonallelic genes, having similar phenotypic effect, interact to produce a different trait and ratio of 9 : 7 in \({{\rm{F}}_{\rm{2}}}\) generation are:

Answers Choices:

Supplementary genes

Epistatic genes

Hypostatic genes

Complementary genes

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Question:Recessive lethal genes are:

Answers Choices:

killer in homozygous state

causative for appearance of ancestral traits

genes present on different chromosomes but influencing single trait

none of these

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Question:A pleiotropic gene is one which:

Answers Choices:

affects one character

affects more than one character

supplements effect of another gene

requires another gene for its expression

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Question:Pleiotropic gene has:

Answers Choices:

Multiple genotypes

Single genotype

Single phenotype

Multiple effects

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Question:Epistasis implies:

Answers Choices:

one pair of gene can completely mask the expression of another pair of genes

one pair of genes independendy controls a particular phenotype

one pair of genes enhances the phenotypic expression of another pair of genes

many genes collectively control a particu­lar phenotype

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Question:Genetically dwarf plant can be converted into a plant of normal height with the help of:

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Question:A cross between two pairs of alleles is called:

Answers Choices:


dihybrid cross

crossing over

monohybrid cross

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Question:Pure line breed refers to:

Answers Choices:

heterozygosity and linkage

homozygosity and independent assortment

heterozygosity only

homozygosity only

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Question:Which one of the following is more likely to be heterozygous?

Answers Choices:

cross-pollinated crops


self-pollinated crops

pure lines

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Question:In human beings, multiple genes are involved in the inheritance of:

Answers Choices:

Sickle-cell anaemia

Colour blindness

Skin colour


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Question:Which of the following pairs on hybridization produces 1 : 1 phenotypic ratio?

Answers Choices:

Tt, tt

TT, Tt

TT, tt

None of these

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Question:Which type of gametes are produced by RrYy?

Answers Choices:

ry, ry, rY, ry

RY, RY, rY, rY

RY, Ry, rY, ry


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Question:A cross involving \({F_1}\) hybrid and a double recessive parent is called:

Answers Choices:

test cross

dihybrid cross

multiple cross

monohybrid cross