Heredity and Variation Test 4

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Question:Alleles of a gene are found on:

Answers Choices:

same chromosome

homologous chromosomes

nonhomologous chromosomes

any chromosomes

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Question:An organism with two identical alleles for a given trait is:

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a hermaphrodite


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Question:Whether an allele is dominant or recessive depends on:

Answers Choices:

how common the allele is, relative to other alleles

which chromosome it is on

whether or not it is linked to other genes

none of these

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Question:Mendel was a:

Answers Choices:

Plant breeder




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Question:Mendel worked in:

Answers Choices:

17th century

18th century

19th century

20th century

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Question:Mendel was born in:

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Silisian village (Heinzendorf)

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Question:Gregor Mendel was born in:

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United Kingdom

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Question:The diploid number of chromosomes in Pisum sativum is:

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Question:Genes that are present on the same chromosome are called:

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none of these

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Question:The genes for which of the following characters in pea plants are syntenic?

Answers Choices:

Pod texture

Flower location

Plant height

All of these

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Question:The genes for seed colour and flower colour in pea plant are located on the chromosome pair:

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Question:Considering tallness and dwarfness, tallness is more widespread among pea plants because:

Answers Choices:

Tallness is dominant over dwarfness

Tallness is determined by one gene having many effects

Tallness is determined by many genes hav­ing multiple effects

None of these

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Question:In a monohybrid cross, the genotypic ratio of offsprings is:

Answers Choices:

3 : 1

1 : 2 : 1

1 : 1 : 1 : 1

4 : 0

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Question:When a true-breeding pea plant that has yellow Seeds is pollinated by a plant that has green seeds, all the \({F_1}\) plants have yellow seeds. This means that the allele for yellow is:

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Question:Recessive gene can express in:

Answers Choices:

homozygous condition

heterozygous condition

both the above conditions

none of these conditions

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Question:When a cross is made between offsprings and its parents, it is known as:

Answers Choices:

Monohybrid cross

Dihybrid cross

Back cross

Reciprocal cross

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Question:Back cross is:

Answers Choices:

\({F_1}\) x \({F_1}\)

\({F_1}\) x Dominant parent

\({F_1}\) x Recessive parent

\({F_1}\) x Any parent

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Question:In a cross 45 tall and 14 dwarf plants were obtained. Genotypes of parents were:

Answers Choices:


Tt x tT

TT x Tt


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Question:A test cross distinguishes between:

Answers Choices:

two homozygous forms

a homozygous dominant and the hetero­zygous form

two heterozygous forms

a homozygous recessive and heterozygous form

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Question:Mendel's laws of heredity can be explained with the help of:

Answers Choices:



Both mitosis and meiosis

None of the above

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Question:The three principles of Mendelism are:

Answers Choices:

Dominance-recessiveness, segregation and independent assortment

Linkage, segregation and independent assortment

Linkage, dominance-recessiveness and segregation

Dominance-recessiveness, linkage and in­dependent assortment

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Question:Mendel's laws apply only when:

Answers Choices:

First pair of contrasting character is depen­dent upon other pairs

Parents are pure breeding

The characters are linked

\({F_1}\) in monohybrid cross shows two types of individuals

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Question:Mendel enunciated principles of inheritance:

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Question:Who and on which animal the Mendelian laws of inheritance were first confirmed?

Answers Choices:

de Vries on Oenothera

Correns on dog

Morgan on Drosophila

Muller on guinea pig

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Question:Gametes of AaBb individuals can be:

Answers Choices:

Aa, Bb

AB, ab

AB, ab, aB

AB, Ab, aB, ab

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Question:A true dihybnd condition is:

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Question:Ratio in a dihybrid cross is:

Answers Choices:

9 : 2 : 2 : 1

9 : 3 : 3 : 1

1 : 1 : 1 : 1

9 :7

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Question:A cross between plants having YYRR and yyrr composition will yield plants with:

Answers Choices:

round and yellow seeds

round and green seeds

wrinkled and yellow seeds

wrinkled and green seeds

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Question:The dihybrid phenotypic ratio of 9:3:3:1 proves Mendel's law of:

Answers Choices:

independent assortment




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Question:Independent assortment of genes does not take place where:

Answers Choices:

genes are located on homologous chromo­somes

genes are linked and located on the same chromosomes

genes are located on nonhomologous chro­mosomes

all of the above

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Question:Independent assortment means:

Answers Choices:

Recombination of parental characters

Combination of parental characters

Separation of parental characters

Non-separation of parental characters

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Question:In Mirabilis jalapa hybrid between red and white flowered plants produces pink flowers is due to:

Answers Choices:


Incomplete dominance



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Question:In Andalusian fowls, if a cross is made between black fowl and splashed white, what will be the phenotypic ratio in \({{\rm{F}}_2}\):

Answers Choices:

1 : 1 : 2

2 : 1 : 1


1 : 2 : 1

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Question:In case of incomplete dominance, \({F_2}\) generation has:

Answers Choices:

Genotypic ratio 3 : 1

Phenotypic ratio 3 : 1

Genotypic ratio equals phenotypic ratio

None of these

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Question:Inheritance of skin colour in human beings is an example of:

Answers Choices:

Polygenic inheritance

Complementary genes

Mendelian inheritance

Monogenic inheritance

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Question:A polygenic inheritance in human beings is:

Answers Choices:

Colour blindness


Skin colour

Sickle-cell anaemia

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Question:In human beings, height shows a lot of variations. It is an example of:

Answers Choices:


Multiple alleles

Pleiotropic inheritance

Polygenic inheritance

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Question:Gene which suppresses other gene's activity but do not lie on same locus is called as:

Answers Choices:





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Question:Epistatic effect in which the dihybrid cross AaBb x AaBb resulting in the ratio 12 : 3 : 1 is due to:

Answers Choices:

interaction between two alleles of the same locus

interaction between two alleles of different loci

dominance of one allele on another allele of the same locus

dominance of one allele on another allele of both loci

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Question:The phenomenon in which an allele of one gene suppresses the activity of an allele of another gene is known as:

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Question:A mother of blood group O has a group O child. The father could be.

Answers Choices:

A or B

A or B or O

AB only

O only

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Question:How many different genotypes can exist in a population with the dominance hierarchy \({C^ + } > {C^{ch}} > {C^h} > c\) ?

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Question:Snapdragon flowers can be red (RR), pink (Rr) or white (rr). When red-flowered plants are crossed to white-flowered plants, the possibility of an F2 offspring being homozygous is:

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Question:Emasculation of flower body is achieved by:

Answers Choices:

removal of anthers

removal of carpels

removal of flowers

removal of perianth

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Question:A back cross of the hybrid with the recessive parent is called:

Answers Choices:

test cross

reverse cross

crossing over


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Question:If Mendel had studied the 7 traits using a plant with 12 chromosomes instead of 14, in what way would the interpretation have been different?

Answers Choices:

He would have mapped the chromosome

He would not have discovered the law of independent assortment

He would have discovered blending or incomplete dominance

He would have discovered sex linkage

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Question:What will be the ratio in \({F_2}\) generation if red-flowered variety of Mirabilis jalapa is crossed with white-flowered variety?

Answers Choices:

3 : 1

2 : 2

1 : 2 : 1

1 : 1 : 1 : 1

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Question:If two alleles come together, only one is able to express itself. This is called:

Answers Choices:

Law of incomplete dominance

Law of segregation

Law of dominance

Law of independent assortment

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Question:What proportion of the offspring of the cross AABBcc x AaBbCc will be completely heterozygous if all genes segregate indepen­dently?

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Question:The complete dominance is absent for the flower colour in:

Answers Choices:

Mirabilis jalapa

Pisum sativum

Lathyrus odoratus

Oenothera lamarckiana