Pollution Test 3

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Question:Gastro-intestinal disturbances is caused by

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Question:Decrease in rate of mitosis in root tips is caused by

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Question:BOD. test or biochemical oxygen demand test is made for measuring

Answers Choices:

Air pollution

Water pollution

Noise pollution

Soil pollution

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Question:In B.O.D. test, oxygen plays an important role to

Answers Choices:

Destroy inorganic matter

Destroy pollution

Destroy waste organic matter

None of these

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Question:Eutrophication is caused by

Answers Choices:

Mine effluents

Sewage and detergents

Petrochemical and fertilizer plant effluents

\({\rm{N}}{{\rm{O}}_3}\) and \({\rm{S}}{{\rm{O}}_4}\) present in acid rains

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Question:By which method the quantity of organic pollutants in water can be determined

Answers Choices:

By pH measurement

By transparency measurement

By measuring the change of colour

By measuring BOD

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Question:High chloroform count in water is an indicator of

Answers Choices:

Industrial pollution

Sewage contamination

Hardness of water

Oil pollution

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Question:Which of the following causes outbreak of jaundice

Answers Choices:

Air pollution

Water pollution

Thermal pollution

Soil pollution

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Question:Which is the most \({\rm{S}}{O_{\rm{2}}}\)polluted city

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Question:It is said, the Taj Mahal may be destroyed due to

Answers Choices:

Flood in Yamuna river

Decomposition of marble as a result of high temperature

Air pollutants released from oil refinery of Mathura

All the above

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Question:Which of the following is a water polluting factor

Answers Choices:


Industrial waste



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Question:Which of the following is normally not an atmospheric pollutant

Answers Choices:

Carbon monoxide

Carbon dioxide

Sulphur dioxide


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Question:Smog is a common pollutant in places having

Answers Choices:

High temperature

Low temperature

Excessive \(S{O_2}\) in the air

Excessive ammonia in the air

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Question:Lichens do not like to grow in cities

Answers Choices:

Because of absence of the right type of algae and fungi

Because of lack of moisture

Because of \({\rm{S}}{O_{\rm{2}}}\) pollution

Because natural habitat is missing

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Question:Thermal pollution of water bodies is due to

Answers Choices:

Discharge of heat (hot water) from power plants

Discharge of chemicals from industries

Discharge of waste from mining

Discharges of agricultural run off

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Question:Biological treatment of water pollution is done with the help of

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None of the above

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Question:Major pollution causing agent is

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Hydrocarbon gases

None of the above

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Question:Effect of pollution is first and most marked on

Answers Choices:

Natural flora of a place

Natural geochemical cycle

Natural gaseous cycle

Natural balance of our environment

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Question:Acid rain is caused due to increase in concentration of (in atmosphere)

Answers Choices:

\({\RM{S}}{O_{\RM{2}}}\) and N\({O_{\rm{2}}}\)

CO and \({\RM{C}}{O_{\RM{2}}}\)

CO and


\({O_{\rm{3}}}\) and dust

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Question:Today the concentration of green house gases is very high because of

Answers Choices:

Use of refrigerator

Increased combustion of oils and coal


All of the above

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Question:Increase in the percentage of fauna and decrease in flora may be dangerous because it enhances

Answers Choices:

Percentage of \({\RM{C}}{O_{\RM{2}}}\)

Percentage of radioactive fall out

Percentage of \({O_{\rm{2}}}\)

Percentage of diseases

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Question:The pollution in city like Delhi may be controlled to great extent

Answers Choices:

By proper sewage and proper exit of chemicals from factories

By wide roads and factories away from the city

By cleaning city and scanty use of pesticides

All of the above

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Question:Eutrophication results in the reduction of

Answers Choices:

Dissolved hydrogen

Dissolved oxygen

Mineral salts

None of these

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Question:The toxic effect of carbon monoxide is due to its greater affinity for haemoglobin as compared to oxygen by (approx.)

Answers Choices:

200 times

2 times

1000 times

20 times

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Question:Taj Mahal is threatened due to the effect of

Answers Choices:


Sulphur dioxide



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Question:When huge amount of sewage is dumped into a river, the BOD will

Answers Choices:


Remain unchanged

Slightly decrease


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Question:The river 'Sone' receives wastes from

Answers Choices:



Textile mill

Paper mill

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Question:Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen are important pollutants of

Answers Choices:

Air and water




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Question:Leaf curling is caused by

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Question:In coming years, skin related disorders will be more common due to

Answers Choices:

Pollutants in air

Use of detergents

Water pollution

Depletion of ozone layer

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Question:Which of the following organism is likely to have more concentration of D.D.T in its body

Answers Choices:



Top carnivores

Primary producers

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Question:Increasing of temperature due to scattering of energy is determine by ozone. \({\RM{C}}{O_{\RM{2}}}\) and water vapour, is known as

Answers Choices:


Ozone effect

Solar reaction

Green house effect

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Question:Water pollution is caused due to

Answers Choices:

Sewage and other wastes

Industrial effluents

Agricultural discharges

All of these

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Question:Which among the following is likely to have the highest levels of D.D.T. depositions in its body

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Sea gull


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Question:Effect of pollution is first marked on

Answers Choices:


Green vegetation of an area

Food crop

None of these

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Question:Green muffler is used against which type of pollution

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Question:Positive pollution of soil is due to

Answers Choices:

Excessive use of fertilizers

Addition of wastes on soil

Reduction in soil productivity

All of these

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Question:CO is more toxic than \({\rm{C}}{{\rm{O}}_{\rm{2}}}\) because

Answers Choices:

It affects the nervous system

It damages lungs

It reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin

It forms acid with water

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Question:The soil pollutants that affect the food chain and food web by killing micro organisms and plants are

Answers Choices:


Chemical fertilizers

Agricultural wastes


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Question:Chernobyl tragedy occurred in

Answers Choices:

26th May, 1966

26th April, 1986

6th Aug., 1947

9th May, 1945

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Question:The main cause of water pollution is

Answers Choices:


Industrial effluents



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Question:Which of the following is not a pollutant

Answers Choices:


Carbon dioxide

Sulphur dioxide

Carbon Monooxide

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Question:Which of the following plant is used for the purification of water

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Question:Which of the following metal is a water pollutant and causes sterility in human being

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Question:In which one of the following the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) of sewage (S) distillery effluent (DE), paper mill effluent (PE) and sugar mill effluent (SE) have been arranged in ascending order

Answers Choices:

SE < S < PE < DE

SE < PE < S < DE

PE < S < SE < DE

S < DE < PE < SE

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Question:Examples of regional pollution are

Answers Choices:

Acid rain


Both (1) and (2)

None of these

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Question:Checking of reradiating heat by atmospheric dust \({O_3}\),C\({O_2}\) and water vapours is

Answers Choices:

Green house effect

Solar effect

Ozone layer effect

Radioactive effect

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Question:Black-foot disease is caused due to groundwater contaminated with excess of

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Question:Which of the following group of gases cause photochemical smog

Answers Choices:

\({O_{\rm{3}}}\), PAN and CO

HC, NO and PAN

\({O_2}\), PAN and N\({O_2}\)

\({O_2}\), PAN and N\({O_{\rm{3}}}\)

\({O_{\rm{3}}}\), PAN and N\({O_2}\)

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Question:Blue-baby syndrome is caused by

Answers Choices:

Cadmium pollution

Mercury poisoning

Chronic exposure to arsenic

Excess nitrate in drinking water

Excess fluoride in drinking water