S and P block Test 10

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Question:Composition of borax is

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Question:Sodium gives blue colour with \(N{H_3}\) solution, this blue colour is due to

Answers Choices:

Ammoniated \(N{a^ \oplus }\)

Ammoniated \(N{a^\Theta }\)

Ammoniated \({e^ - }\)

\(N{a^ + }/N{a^ - }\)pair

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Question:Aluminium reacts with caustic soda to form

Answers Choices:

Aluminium hydroxide

Aluminium oxide

Sodium meta-aluminate

Sodium tetra aluminate

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Question:The metallic lustre exhibited by sodium is explained by

Answers Choices:

Diffusion of sodium ions

Oscillation of loose electrons

Excitation of free protons

Existence of body centred cubic lattice

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Question:Squashes are stored by adding

Answers Choices:

Citric acid



Sodium metabisulphite

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Question:The alum used for purifying water is

Answers Choices:

Ferric alum

Chrome alum

Potash alum

Ammonium alum

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Question:Setting of plaster of paris is

Answers Choices:

Oxidation with atmospheric oxygen

Combination with atmospheric \(C{O_2}\)


Hydration to yield another hydrate

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Question:Bleaching powder is obtained by the interaction of chlorine and

Answers Choices:

Conc. solution of \(Ca{(OH)_2}\)

Dilute solution of \(Ca{(OH)_2}\)

Dry calcium oxide

Dry slaked lime

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Question:Which of the following salts is insoluble in water at room temperature but soluble in boiling water

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Question:Which is quick lime

Answers Choices:




\(Ca{(OH)_2} + {H_2}O\)

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Question:Magnesium does not decompose the

Answers Choices:


Hot water

Cold Water

Semi hot water

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Question:In the lime (kiln), the reaction \(CaC{O_3}(s) \to C{O_2}(g)\) goes to completion because

Answers Choices:

Of high temperature

CaO is more stable than \(CaC{O_3}\)

\(C{O_2}\) escapes simultaneously

CaO is not dissociated

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Question:Plaster of paris is used

Answers Choices:

In surgery and dentistry

As a white wash

As a constituent of tooth paste

For the preparation of RCC

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Question:Which of the following is formed when aluminium oxide and carbon is strongly heated in dry chlorine gas

Answers Choices:

Aluminium chloride

Hydrate aluminium chloride

Anhydrous aluminium chloride

None of these

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Question:The most abundant metal in the earth crust is

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Question:Which one of the following is correct statement

Answers Choices:

The hydroxide of aluminium is more acidic than that of boron

The hydroxide of boron is basic, while that of aluminium is amphoteric

The hydroxide of boron is acidic, while that of aluminium is amphoteric

The hydroxide of boron and aluminium are amphoteric

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Question:In the extraction of aluminium the electrolyte is

Answers Choices:

Fused cryolite with feldspar

Fused cryolite with fluorspar

Pure alumina in molten cryolite

Pure alumina with bauxite and molten cryolite

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Question:The structure of diborane \(({B_2}{H_6})\) contains

Answers Choices:

Four 2c-2e bonds and two 3c-2e bonds

Two 2c-2e bonds and four 3c-2e bonds

Two 2c-2e bonds and two 3c-3e bonds

Four 2c-2e bonds and four 3c-2e bonds

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Question:Metalloid among the following is

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Question:Which gas is used in excess water

Answers Choices:




Water vapours

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Question:Which of the following statement is correct with respect to the property of elements in the carbon family with an increase in atomic number, their

Answers Choices:

Atomic size decreases

Ionization energy increases

Metallic character decreases

Stability of +2 oxidation state increases

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Question:Which of the following compounds has peroxide linkage

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Question:Phosphine is prepared by the reaction of

Answers Choices:

\(P\) and \({H_2}S{O_4}\)

\(P\) and \(NaOH\)

\(P\) and \({H_2}S\)

\(P\) and \(HN{O_3}\)

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Question:Which of the following oxide of nitrogen is the anhydride of \(HN{O_3}\)

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Question:\(N{O_2}\) is a mixed oxide is proved by the first that with \(NaOH\), it forms

Answers Choices:

Nitrites salt

Nitrates salt

Mixture of nitrate and nitrite


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Question:In \(N{H_4}N{O_2},\) the oxidation number of nitrogen will be

Answers Choices:



3 and + 3

+ 3 and + 5

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Question:The strongest base is

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Question:Which of the following oxides of nitrogen is the anhydride of nitrous acid

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Question:Nitrogen is essential constituent of all

Answers Choices:



Proteins and fats

None of these

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Question:Phosphine is produced by adding water to

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Question:Calcium cyanamide on treatment with steam under pressure gives ammonia and

Answers Choices:

Calcium carbonate

Calcium hydroxide

Calcium oxide

Calcium bicarbonate

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Question:Atoms in a \({P_4}\) molecule of white phosphorus are arranged regularly in space in which of the following way

Answers Choices:

At the corners of tetrahedron

At the corners of a cube

At the corners of a four membered ring

At the centre and corners of an equilateral triangle

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Question:Sodium pyrophosphate is

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Question:When \(HN{O_3}\) is dropped into the palm and washed with water, it turns into yellow. It shows the presence of

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Question:In \(N{H_3}\) and \(P{H_3}\), the common is

Answers Choices:



Basic nature

None of these

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Question:In group V-A of the periodic table nitrogen forms only a trihalide but other elements form pentahalides also. The reason is

Answers Choices:

Nitrogen has less affinity towards halogens

Nitrogen halides are covalent

Nitrogen undergoes \({d^2}s{p^3}\) hybridization

Nitrogen does not have d-orbitals

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Question:Which of the following halides is most acidic

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Question:The number of unpaired electrons in the p-subshell of oxygen atom is

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Question:Which of the following statement is true about ozone layer

Answers Choices:

It is harmful because ozone is dangerous to living organism

It is beneficial because oxidation reaction can proceed faster in the presence of ozone

It is beneficial because ozone cuts out the ultraviolet radiation of the sun

It is harmful because ozone cuts out the important radiation of the sun which are vital for photosynthesis

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Question:A salt of sulphurous acid is called

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Question:Hypo is used in photography for

Answers Choices:

Developing a picture

Picture printing

The colour of picture

The fixation of the picture

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Question:Among \(K{O_2},\) \(NO_2^ - ,\) \(Ba{O_2}\) and \(NO_2^ + \) unpaired electron is present in

Answers Choices:

\(NO_2^ + \) and \(Ba{O_2}\)

\(K{O_2}\) and \(Ba{O_2}\)

\(K{O_2}\) only

\(Ba{O_2}\) only

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Question:In the manufacture of sulphuric acid by contact process, Tyndall box is used to

Answers Choices:

Filter dust particles

Remove impurities

Convert \(S{O_2}\) to \(S{O_3}\)

Test the presence of dust particles

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Question:Sulphur in +3 oxidation state is present in

Answers Choices:

Sulphurous acid

Pyrosulphuric acid

Dithionous acid

Thiosulphuric acid

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Question:\(B{r_2}\) gas turns starch iodide paper

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Question:Strongest reducing agent is

Answers Choices:

\({F^ - }\)

\(C{l^ - }\)

\(B{r^ - }\)

\({I^ - }\)

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Question:Mark the element which shows only one oxidation state

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Question:When chlorine water is exposed to sunlight, \({O_2}\) is liberated. Hence

Answers Choices:

Hydrogen has little affinity to \({O_2}\)

Hydrogen has more affinity to \({O_2}\)

Hydrogen has more affinity to\(C{l_2}\)

It is a reducing agent

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Question:\(HCl\) is a gas, but \(HF\) is a low boiling liquid. This is because

Answers Choices:

\(H - F\) bond is strong

\(H - F\) bond is weak

The molecules aggregate because of hydrogen bonding in \(HF\)

\(HF\) is a weak acid

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Question:The formula of some fluorides are given below. Which of them will combine further with fluorine

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