S and P block Test 11

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Question:Correct order of increasing activity is

Answers Choices:

\(Cu,\) \(Mg,\) \(Na\)

\(Na,\) \(Mg,\) \(Cu\)

\(Mg,\) \(Na,\) \(Cu\)

\(Cu,\) \(Na,\) \(Mg\)

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Question:Potash alum is a

Answers Choices:

Complex salt

Acid salt

Double salt

Normal salt

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Question:The valence shell electronic configuration of alkali metals is

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\((n - 1){p^6}n{s^2}\)

\((n - 1){d^2}n{s^2}\)

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Question:When sodium dicarbonate is heated strongly for calcined in a kiln, it forms

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Question:The strongest reducing agent of the alkali metal is

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Question:Alkaline earth metals are denser than alkali metals, because metallic bonding in alkaline earth's metal, is

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Not present

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Question:The metal which reacts with water at room temperature is

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Question:Sodium thiosulphate \((N{a_2}{S_2}{O_3}.5{H_2}O)\) is used in photography to

Answers Choices:

Reduce silver bromide to metallic silver

Convert metallic silver to silver salt

Remove undecomposed \(AgBr\)as a soluble silver thiosulphate complex

Remove unreduced silver

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Question:Which one of the following metalic hydroxides does not dissolve in sodium hydroxide solution

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Question:To prevent magnesium from oxidation in electrolytic extraction process

Answers Choices:

Some calcium fluoride is added

Some chlorides are added

Metal is taken out by spoons

The whole process is done in an atmosphere of coal gas

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Question:Deep pink colour is given to flame by the salts of

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Question:Electronegativity of beryllium is approximately equal to that of

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Question:A major constituent of portland cement except lime is

Answers Choices:



Iron oxide


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Question:Alkaline earth metals are denser than alkali metals because metallic bonding is

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Not present


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Question:The ionic compound \(BaS{O_4}\) is insoluble in water due to

Answers Choices:

High lattice energy

Low lattice energy

Low hydration energy

Both (1) and (3)

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Question:Iron pipes lying under acidic soil are often attached to blocks of magnesium for protection from rusting. Magnesium offers protection to iron against corrosion because it

Answers Choices:

Prevents air from reaching the surface of iron

is more readily converted into positive ions

Is higher than iron

Forms a corrosion-resistance alloy with iron

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Question:Which metal burn in air at high temperature with the evolution of much heat

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Question:Crystalline metal can be transformed into metallic glass by

Answers Choices:


Pressing into thin plates

Slow cooling of molten metal

Very rapid cooling of a spray of the molten metal

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Question:\(AlC{l_3}\) is

Answers Choices:

Anhydrous and covalent

Anhydrous and ionic

Covalent and basic

Coordinate and acidic

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Question:Aluminium is obtained by

Answers Choices:

Reducing \(A{l_2}{O_3}\) with coke

Electrolysing \(A{l_2}{O_3}\) dissolved in \(N{a_3}Al{F_6}\)

Reducing \(A{l_2}{O_3}\) with chromium

Heating alumina and cryolite

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Question:Which of the following is the electron deficient molecule

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Question:Lead pencil’ contains

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Question:The compound which does not possess a peroxide linkage is

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Question:When tin is treated with concentrated nitric acid

Answers Choices:

It is converted into stannous nitrate

It is converted into stannic nitrate

It is converted into metastannic acid

It becomes passive

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Question:Percentage of lead in lead pencil is

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Question:Which of the following is not known

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Question:Phosphorus is manufactured by heating in a electric furnace a mixture of

Answers Choices:

Bone ash and coke

Bone ash and silica

Bone ash, silica and coke

None of these

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Question:Which of the following metal produces nitrous oxide with dil. \(Zn\)

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Question:In which compound, the oxidation state of phosphorus is+4

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Question:The most stable hydride is

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Question:Which of the following is a true acidic anhydride

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Question:Ammonia gas can be collected by the displacement of

Answers Choices:

Conc. \({H_2}S{O_4}\)




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Question:When aluminium phosphide is treated with dil. sulphuric acid

Answers Choices:

\(S{O_2}\) is liberated

\(P{H_3}\) is evolved

\({H_2}S\) is evolved

\({H_2}\) is evolved

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Question:Which one has the highest percentage of nitrogen

Answers Choices:


Ammonium sulphate

Ammonium nitrate

Calcium nitrate

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Question:The most common minerals of phosphorus are

Answers Choices:

Hydroxy apatite and kernite

Colemanite and fluoraptite

Borax and fluoraptite

Hydroxy apatite and colemanite

Hydroxy apatite and fluorapatile

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Question:Which of the following is solid in nature

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Question:Which of the following is nitrogenous fertilizers

Answers Choices:

Bone meal

Thomas meal

Nitro phosphate

Ammonium sulphate

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Question:Which one of the following hydrides is least stable

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Question:In the nitrogen family the \(H - M - H\) bond angle in the hydrides \(M{H_3}\) gradually becomes closer to \({90^o}\) on going from N to Sb. This shows that gradually

Answers Choices:

The basic strength of hydrides increases

Almost pure p-orbitals are used for \(M - H\) bonding

The bond energies of \(M - H\) bond increase

The bond pairs of electrons become nearer to the central atom

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Question:In the electrothermal process, the compound displaced by silica from calcium phosphate is

Answers Choices:




Phosphorus pentoxide

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Question:Most abundant element on earth is

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Question:The correct order of acidic strength

Answers Choices:

\(C{l_2}{O_7} > S{O_2} > {P_4}{O_{10}}\)

\({K_2} > CaO > MgO\)

\(C{O_2} > {N_2}{O_5} > S{O_3}\)

\(N{a_2}O > MgO > A{l_2}{O_3}\)

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Question:Iodine and hypo react to produce

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Question:Which statement is not true

Answers Choices:

\(Ni\,{(CO)_4}\) is diamagnetic

\(C{O_2}\) is a stronger Lewis acid than \(Sn{(OH)_2}\)

Graphite conducts electricity whereas diamond does not

\(CC{l_4}\) is hydrolysed whereas \(BC{l_3}\) is inert

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Question:Which is formed when fluorine react with hot and concentrated sodium hydroxide

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Question:Among \(C{l^ - },\) \(B{r^ - },\) \({I^ - },\) the correct order for being oxidise to dihalogen is

Answers Choices:

\({I^ - } > C{l^ - } > B{r^ - }\)

\(C{l^ - } > B{r^ - } > {I^ - }\)

\({I^ - } > B{r^ - } > C{l^ - }\)

\(B{r^ - } > {I^ - } > C{l^ - }\)

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Question:Which is the lightest gas

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Question:Least chemical activity is shown by

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Question:The correct order of solubility in water for \(He,\,Ne,\,Ar,\,Kr,\,Xe,\,\)is

Answers Choices:

\(He > Ne > Ar > Kr > Xe\)

\(Ne > Ar > Kr > He > Xe\)

\(Xe > Kr > Ar > Ne > He\)

\(Ar > Ne > He > Kr > Xe\)

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Question:The last member of inert gas elements is

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